Trademark Search

Trademark Search


This Service includes: 

  • A Comprehensive Trademark Search of the US Trademark Database for One Mark

  • A Trademark Opinion Letter that outlines the search results and provides you with the likelihood of success for your potential trademark application. 

  • Legal advice for moving forward with a Trademark application, or possible rebranding (if the Comprehensive Search returns negative results).

How Does The Comprehensive Search Work?

  1. Fill out the Trademark Search Form.

  2. You will receive email confirmation once the form is completed.

  3. Within 7 business days you will receive a Trademark Opinion Letter sent to your email address.

  4. In the event you would like to move forward with a Trademark application, the amount of the Comprehensive Search will be applied to the $1400 Trademark Registration Fee.

All Comprehensive Trademark Searches are Non- Refundable. If at any time you have any questions or concerns pursuant to your purchase, please contact Unorthodox Legal at

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