Trademark registrations

You've worked countless days and nights to create a unique name for your brand, bomb slogans and an amazing logo. Now, let's make sure those marks are legally protected by registering a Trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office!

what are the benefits of having a registered trademark?

Having a Registered Mark allows your brand to be the only brand using that mark in commerce.  Once you have the Registered Mark you own the mark and have the power to stop others from using this mark through lawsuits or other legal recourse. 

so, What can BE trademarkED?

Any slogan, business name, logo, short phrase or other identifying items, may be trademarked if they identify the source of the goods and/or services.  If a customer sees that slogan, business name, logo or short phrase and immediately thinks about your brand, then you have a protectable mark!  All potential marks shall be used in commerce prior to obtaining registration with the USPTO.

gREAT, buT How long does the process take?

Obtaining a Trademark Registration with the USPTO will take approximately 12-18 months, depending on the circumstances.  However, once the application is filed you can put a ™ symbol next to your mark, which will put others on notice that you are in the process of obtaining a registration for this mark.  Once the mark is registered, you may then use the ® symbol next to your mark, which indicates that the mark is registered with the USPTO.