Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement


This fully customizable and Lawyer Drafted Independent Contractor Agreement Template sets forth the working relationship between a business and a consultant that is hired on a 1099 basis. This agreement is the first step in protecting your brand when bringing consultants on board. The terms in this template stem from US case law, and identify the specific nuances the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) looks for in classifying contractors versus employees.

What provisions can you expect in this Independent Contractor Agreement?

  • The Services the Contractor Will Provide

  • Payment Amount and Methods

  • Term of the Agreement

  • Expenses incurred by the Independent Contractor

  • Intellectual Property Protections & Ownership

  • and many more legal and business provisions to protect your brand to the fullest.

This Agreement includes a guide and drafting notes to assist each business owner through the contract drafting process. All Contract Templates are personally drafted by Ashley Williams Esq., attorney for Creatives and Entrepreneurs.

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