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Hi I'm Ashley, a millennial attorney for creatives and entrepreneurs!

In the age of creatives, e-commerce and entrepreneurship, I often find that many businesses do not have the key legal protections in place.  Why is that? Well, first off many entrepreneurs and creatives often think that attorneys do not fully understand their business!  Many individuals are accustomed to the old school lawyer that does not address topics such as social media, privacy policies or brand influencers.  As an entrepreneur myself, I live, eat and breathe the new business fundamentals; and fully understand that our society is rapidly changing. Practicing law is not, and will never be the same! 

So a little about me...

I'm a Brooklyn, NY native, and Licensed to Practice Law in New York.  On the weekends you can find me at your local brunch, street festival, or museum soaking up the amazing culture of my city. After years of working at a boutique business law firm, the entrepreneurial bug bit me, and I decided to form Unorthodox Legal. Now, I am bringing my entrepreneurial spirit, approachability, innovative ideas and legal gems to creatives, and loving it!

Lets get started, and let me share some of my legal gems with your business!